ASH: Drawstring Pouch in Camel


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凡購買 ASH 相機束繩袋,全單即享順豐免運費,優惠只限香港/澳門地區!



  • Easy drawstring closure for quick and convenient access to your kit
  • Water-repellent surface and soft flannel interior for all-round protection
  • Two built-in storage pockets for essential accessories e.g. memory cards, extra batteries or films
  • Removable padded internal dividers for well organisation and custom fit protection
  • Full compatibility with all kinds of camera with kit lens

Colour: Camel


  • Main Fabric: Polyurethane
  • Inner Lining: Flannel

Size: 15cm (W) x 10cm (D) x 23cm (H)

Weight: 167g

* Photos shown here are for reference only. Size & volume etc. are approximate only. 



ASH: Drawstring Pouch in Camel

ASH: Drawstring Pouch in Camel is the contemporary interpretation of minimalist silhouette and your perfect daily companion. The compact and minimalist design has a earthy and natural look with warm hues and tone-on-tone aesthetic. This simple bucket style drawstring bag is finished with an elegant and timeless silhouette, and is crafted of Japanese premium Polyurethane leather featuring the waterproofing function. This state-of-the-art material is lightweight but yet durable. The easy drawstring closure and well-organized interior allow quick and convenient access to your kit. This all-in-one protective organizer is fully compatible with all kinds of camera with kit lens.

Perennial Style

ASH 相機束繩袋,袋身設計純色簡約,採用駱駝膚色的高檔超纖皮革面料,單以壓印方式呈現品牌標誌,簡潔的袋身設計突顯皮革的細膩紋理。袋身與繩束的Tone-on-tone同色系搭配風格,加上繩束上的黝黑點紋的點綴,讓 ASH 這極簡袋包觀感上沒有半點乏味,而且增添了一份獨有的時尚個性。

Going Out Handbag

袋身簡約柔和的設計風格容易襯搭不同類型的生活衣著,讓 ASH 不但可當相機內膽包放進背包裡,更可讓你直接手攜外出,輕裝出走,隨時拍照!ASH 絕對是你生活的日常良伴。


All-in-One Protective Organizer


Chic Material

我們精心選用超纖皮革作相機袋包的面料,這種高檔人造皮革為日本進口Polyurethane皮,源自百年歷史的環保型紡織原材料會社——一村产业株式会社 ICHIMURA SANGYO。超纖皮革備有超細小纖維結構,讓面料質量均一,觸感柔軟輕盈,具有抗皺及耐磨等特性,相比天然皮革更容易打理,而且袋包面料具有防潑水功能,如沾上污垢,清水洗擦便可。


Full Compatibility

ASH 基本上適用於各類型的相機,包括菲林相機、數碼相機、單反相機、即影即有等等。可轉換不同鏡頭的單反相機要視乎鏡頭大小來判斷是否適用,一般來說,配置Kit鏡頭的單反相機都大致上適用。建議購買前先量度相機尺寸是否小於以下ASH相機束繩袋的尺寸:

Width: 15cm   Depth: 10cm   Height: 20cm




ETERNAL PASSENGER is a camera accessory brand originated from Hong Kong. We are your perfect daily companion that represent the interpretation of perennial style. In pursuit of compact and timeless design and quality details in every aspect, we serve all passengers with aesthetic but functional camera accessories.

We believe photography is the way to document the beauty of our passing surroundings - times, places, peoples, things… People come and go. Memories say hello! In the end, we are all passengers. Let us be unaware of where the sun is and oblivious to the passage of time.

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