RETO3D Classic 3D菲林相機

RETO Project

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  • 35mm Film - suitable for 35mm negatives and slides
  • Built-in Flash - enable you to photograph day and night
  • Film Reload - not just a one-go toy but your all-time favourite
  • Focus-free - quick snap creates a great form of art
  • Lightweight - turn it into your daily-life accessory
  • Easy-to-use - all photography lovers are welcomed
  • Affordable - a great gift for yourself and your loved ones
  • App Support - upload and stitch multiple images into 3D GIFs in a few seconds
    Wiggle the Moment - go beyond a still, frozen picture


  • Film Format: 35mm
  • Film Transport: Manual Wind and Rewind
  • Optical Lens: 30mm; f11; 3 Lens (Optical grade acrylic lenses)
  • Focusing: Focus-free; 1m to ∞
  • Shutter Release: 1/125s
  • Flash: Built-in
  • Power Supply: 1*AA Alkaline Battery
  • Main Plastic Material: ABS
  • Dimension: 133 (W) x 65 (H) x 42 (D) mm

Weight: 178±10g (Excluding Battery and Film)

* Photos shown here are for reference only. Size & volume etc. are approximate only. 



RETO3D Classic 

為人熟悉的 RETO3D Classic 是本地首創的3D立體菲林相機,配置別具一格的三鏡頭設計,黝黑復古的機身,揉合時尚玩味的3D立體視覺與滿是懷舊感的菲林風格,來打造了新潮的攝影體驗。


Wiggle the Moment

Time is always moving forward and it has been a forever dream for people to freeze a moment. We therefore invented cameras to capture precious memories, or to record a series of important events. Yet, we didn’t stop creating. We would like to go beyond and give excitement to a static photo. Only a 3D camera which carries a unique design can wiggle a still moment, giving a new life for 2D images. Especially in sports events - when the athlete jumps or the ball is kicked in the air - we desire to use it in capturing explosive motions. It is also suitable to shoot RETO3D in parties and concerts where a lot is happening, both foreground and background.

RETO3D simultaneously captures the same object with three slightly different angles, thanks to our triple-lens design. A 3D effect is shown by stitching the 3 photos together. Comparing with other cameras, which could only produce static images by a single lens, RETO3D creates more lively images. 3D photography is more than a hobby; it is a form of art.


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